How Often Should You Change Your Filters?

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Before we talk about how often you should change out your filters, let's look at why. Every homeowner's goal is to maintain a comfortable living space without spending a small fortune on utility bills.

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One of the best ways to improve home comfort and energy efficiency is to pay attention to your filters. Use these tips for getting the most out of your air filters and see what a big difference it can make!

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  • Better indoor air quality: This is a big one! Especially if you have allergies or pets. A filter traps airborne contaminants that make their way through the duct-work, leaving the air cleaner to circulate back into your home.

    Not sure of which filters to get? Check out the MERV rating and what the numbers mean.


So why else should you change filters?

  • Longer equipment life: A clean filter promotes ideal airflow and prevents the equipment from
    overworking itself. This helps the equipment last longer.
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  • Lower your bills: Lots of airflow is important for home comfort and energy efficiency. Of course if you have better efficiency, it directly results in lowering your energy bills and inadvertently, creates a smaller impact on the environment. Anything you can do to cool your home with less energy takes you one step in the eco-friendly direction. Certain cities in your area offer discounts for more eco-friendly upgrades as well, so it's a win-win situation! Your local HVAC company can check into who is offering what, so be sure to ask before an installation.

Now that we know why, let's look at how often you should change them.

Most people change their filters at the beginning of a new season─ this is simply when they know the equipment is going to be working its hardest. Other people like to change it once a month – just to be on the safe side. Let's look at all the factors to determine how often you should change them.

  • What type of air filter do you have? Since each type has a different life span, use that to help determine how often to change it.
  • What is the air quality like in the house? If the air doesn't seem as clear or fresh as it used to, or you are having issues with frequent allergies, you may need to replace your filter more often or select a different type.
  • Are there pets in the house? If you have pets, you may want to consider either changing filters more frequently or choosing a type that helps with dander.
  • How many people are in the home? The more people in the home, the more dust and dirt─ it's just common sense. If you have a full house, change your filters more often.
  • Are you in an area with high construction or pollution? If the answer is yes to either of these, check your filters frequently and make sure to change them when they are dirty.

What this all boils down to, is checking your filters often.

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