Presidential HVAC Club Membership

Air Force One Plumbing, Heating & Air

4.9 Rating

How Does It Benefit Your Home?

Direct Savings

$20 discount on diagnostic fees
Up to 15% discount on repairs
No extra charge for after-hours emergencies
5% discount on full system installations
2 full system maintenance checkups per year
Free standard air filter (1 per system, per tuneup)
6-month supply of air filters at a discounted price, per tuneup

Additional Benefits

Satisfies equipment warranty requirements
Extends equipment life
Reduces energy consumption
Reduces risk of costly emergency repairs
Agreement is fully transferable

Maintenance Check Ups Include

Monitor AC operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge
Clean or replace standard air filters
Testing indoor air quality for carbon monoxide
Inspect pilot operation - adjust as necessary
Adjust gas pressure as necessary
Inspect inside cooling coil
Apply protective coating to outside unit
Inspect and test safety controls
Inspect thermostat operation
Confirm drainage of primary and secondary drains
Monitor voltage and amperage draw on motors
Adjust blower speed as needed
Monitor flue draft for safe operation
Inspect for cracked heat exchanger
Inspect heat anticipator settings
Inspect heat exchanger and burners - adjust as necessary
Inspect and tighten all loose electrical connections
Confirm drainage of condensate drain
Monitor air conditioning and heating modes
Inspect condenser coil—Clean as necessary

Affordable Pricing

1-yr Presidential Club Membership** $199.00 (1st system) $99.00 (Each additional system)


Try our monthly payments instead! *** $19.95/month (1st system) $9.95/month (each additional system)

** 1-yr presidential club maintenance begins on the date of the initial payment, unless otherwise stated. Membership is not refundable.

Most labor warranties require proof of regular maintenance performed by a licensed HVAC contractor when filing a claim. Labor warranties may become invalid without maintenance.

*** Monthly auto-renewal option: Membership begins on date of initial payment unless otherwise stated. Payment method used for first payment will be used for monthly recurring fee and charged at the same rate as the first monthly membership fee. Customer has the option to cancel after the first 12 months. Membership will automatically renew annually unless canceled. Renewal rates are subject to changes in rate with the option to cancel in accordance with these terms upon cancellation. All future monthly charges will cease. Customer is responsible for informing Air Force One of any changes needing to be made.

After the first 12 months, cancellations may be made at any time by calling 469-476-4846.

Presidential Club Membership

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