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Low Refrigerant Myths and Legends ─ What Should You Believe?

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It's an odd time of year for people in North Texas. We go from freezing temperatures one week, to summer weather the next. Which means─ it's hard on our outside units.

How often have you heard the term 'low Freon' floating around? Perhaps it was your neighbor's suggestion to re-fill it, or even an HVAC tech that explained that you could.

If you have ever received this advice, it is false.


If your refrigerant is low, there is an underlying issue.

It is:

1. A leak in the system OR

2. It wasn't balanced properly to begin with.

If an air conditioning company ever tells you that your refrigerant (or Freon) is low and to re-fill it, this is a red flag.


Based on outside temperature, the pressure of the refrigerant can vary up to 20 psi. Don’t worry, this is normal!

We recommend that you do not have a technician refill it for you.

Why is that?


By not fixing the leak that was initially diagnosed, and just adding refrigerant, the leak will get larger.

When you run the system with a leak, it will cause:

  1. Improper Pressure
  2. Damage Your Compressor
  3. And Over-Amp Other Electrical Components

When you notice that your air conditioning system is not blowing cool air, check the system for frost on the outside, and have a professional come out to diagnose the issue.

If the unit has frost, immediately turn off your air conditioning. Once you have learned what the problem is, then you can take the steps to properly repair it. Don't ever run a system with a leak, this will shorten the lifespan of your unit and may cost you even more in the long-run.

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