Should You Turn the Heating Off or Down When You Leave?

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Household heating systems are essential components of home comfort and safety. It also ranks among the household's largest energy consumer. Remember to treat them well.

Your comfort, utility bill, and your household's safety depend upon proper care and maintenance.

Know your system. A breakdown is no time to try to get acquainted with your household heating systems. Learn how your system works, and where it's located before trouble strikes.


Add these daily routines to your schedule to keep hard-working heating systems happy on the job:

  • While you may be tempted to turn off your heat to save money, it is often better to turn it down instead.
  • When your heat is off, the house is subjected to the colder weather. Generally, this is a non-factor if you are in an apartment with decent insulation.
  • If you are a home owner, however, the space will have cooled down enough that attempting to heat your home back to a comfortable temperature will waste more energy than simply leaving the heat on.
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  • If entering the temperature manually every day is an issue for you most thermostats can be programmed to manage a consistent temperature during the week.

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