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Three Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore With Your A/C

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We've all been there─ that moment when you're checking your wallet and silently hoping that sheer will power will make the A/C work again. While we completely understand, there are some things you definitely shouldn't ignore. Ignoring them would mean that you may have to replace your entire system, which will cost you more money in the end.

So to save you both time and money, here's:

warning signs

1. If you see any visible leaks, turn off your thermostat and call a service professional immediately! The most likely culprit is that your drain pan or drain line has become clogged. However, it's best to have someone come and inspect your unit to make sure this is the case.


2. Depending on the noise, this could mean a few things─ either your motor is going out, your compressor is failing, or the blower wheel is about to die. It could also be a number of things (especially if you have a package unit) Never chance running your system when you hear these noises. Turn off the system and call a service professional to properly diagnose the issue!

loud noises

3. The picture above is an extreme case, but if you see any visible frost on your unit, shut it down and call a service technician. This usually means that you have air flow issues or a dirty coil. Never leave your system running when you see this, it will damage your compressor.

freezing compressor

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